July 6, 2022: EJS Co-presents Implicit Bias Training with Impact Fund

01/22/2019 – Implicit Bias Training for Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) sponsored by Clark Construction

01/14/2019 – Implicit Bias Training for Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) sponsored by Clark Construction

11/30/2018 – Implicit Bias Training for the Board of the Legal Aid Association of California

11/16/2018 – Implicit Bias Training for the Homeless Action Network

09/17/2018 – Presentation on implicit racial biases for the Sustainable Economies Law Center

04/20/2018 – Presentation on implicit racial bias for the California Law Review of UC Berkeley School of Law.

03/09/2018 – Presentation on implicit racial biases for 9th Circuit Judges at the AZ 9th Circuit Court Conference.

12/06/2017 – Presentation on implicit racial biases for the Western Region conference of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

10/11/2017 – Presentation on implicit racial biases for the Regents of the University of California

09/29/2017 – Provided a 1.5 hour webinar for the RJTI Education Equity Joint Advocacy Meeting addressing implicit bias and education equity issues.

09/22/2017 – Co-facilitated with Michele Benedetto Neitz a day-long presentation for the Collaborative Practice East Bay on implicit racial and gender biases, identity mapping, and strategies for addressing practitioner and advocate biases during dispute mediations and resolution.

09/18/2017 – Presentation on implicit bias training for the Juvenile Law class at USF Law School.

3/22/2017 – Presentation to Centro Legal de la Raza Staff on Implicit Bias, Race, and Hiring.

3/8/2017 – Presentation to Stanford Law School Students on Implicit Bias and its Impact on Our Communities

1/19/2017 – Presentation for UC Davis Law Students on Implicit Bias and the School to Prison Pipeline

11/11/2016 – Liberation Based Healing Conference on Implicit Bias

9/28/2016 – MCLE Eliminating Bias Presentation on Implicit Bias and Race at Orrick

8/30/2016 – Pacific Regional OFCCP all staff training on implicit bias and hiring

7/7/2016 – Presentation at University of San Francisco Law School on Implicit Bias and Race

6/22/2016 – Presentation on Dismantling Bias: Tools for the Classroom

5/6/2016 – California Women Lawyers Presentation on Gender and Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession.

4/4/2016 – Stanford Law Presentation about Implicit Bias and Community Lawyering

1/22/2016 – Bakersfield Youth Summit presentation on implicit bias and the impact on the community.

12/15/2015 – Presentation with Lily Chen of Public Counsel on Implicit Bias for an Oakland USD Conference

12/11/2015 – Implicit Bias training for the Alameda County Bar Association for MCLE credit at the Kaiser building (date unknown).

12/5/2015 – Presentation on Implicit Bias and Race at a Santa Rosa Community Meeting in Santa Rosa

10/28/2015 – Presentation for Whitman Institute Santa Cruz

10/28/2015 – Presentation for Mediation Society of San Francisco

10/26/2015 – Presentation on Implicit Bias and the STPP to teachers and parents of the Antioch Unified School District in relation to our AUSD case.

9/3/2015 – Presentation regarding implicit bias and environmental justice at the request of Ingrid Brostrom

8/31/2015 – Implicit bias training in Bakersfield for community members

5/31/2015 – EJS Mind Science Conference at the East Bay Community Foundation James Irvine Conference Center

4/22/2015 – Guest lecture for UC Berkeley class Sociology and the Law

2/4/2015 – Panel on Implicit Bias in Fair Housing at the Hastings Housing Symposium

1/29/2015 – Presentation “Implicit Bias and Negotiations” at JAMS in SF

10/17/2014 – Presentation at Association of Business Trial Lawyers 41st Annual Seminar “The Science of Decision

9/30/2014 – Implicit Bias training with Kimberly Papillon to Kaiser’s Legal Counsel

7/15/2014 – Panel on Implicit Bias and the Law

2/13/2014 – Panel on implicit bias and housing at Fair Housing Council conference in San Diego

4/25/2013 – Presentation on Implicit Bias in Fair Housing at Project Sentinel conference

10/26/2012 – Presentation on Implicit Bias and Criminal Justice Panel at ABA Criminal Justice Section Fifth Annual Fall Institute

2/1/2012 – Panel on Implicit Bias at Legal Services of Northern California


* We initially list implicit bias milestones by EJS, but it will soon include notable events and activities by other members.

6/22/2016 – EJS – with Dr. Jason Okonofua – presented a webinar on implicit racial bias, its impact on school discipline, and recommended strategies for counteracting those biases. The webinar was hosted through FSDC and over 180 participants joined and engaged in the conversation.

2/21/2015 – Stanford Symposium on Equity in the Entertainment Industry. EJS made a presentation on how the entertainment industry reinforces implicit associations between people of color and criminality.

8/15/2014 – EJS presented the keynote address at the commencement of the Center for Youth Development through Law at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. The Summer Legal Fellowship Program is a full-time, two-month long program that provides approximately 30 disadvantaged high school students from Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond with paid, law-related internships, academic and practical life skills instruction on the Boalt Hall campus, and mentoring.

7/16/2014 – “Shining A Light On The Hidden Recesses Of Our Brains: Are We Subject To Implicit Bias and What Can We Do About That?” with Eva Paterson at the 2014 Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference

6/27/2014 – EJS was part of a panel at the Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues in Portland. The panel showcased the work that EJS has done for a decade with social scientists and  encouraged more collaboration.

4/15/2014 – EJS presented the keynote address “The School to Prison to Coffin Pipeline: Implicit Bias and the Criminal Justice System” at the symposium of the Harvard Journal of Race and Ethnic Equity.

3/12/2014 – Presentation on Implicit Bias and Education to the California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators at the Event commemorating the 60th anniversary of Brown v Board and the 67th anniversary of Mendez v Westminster School District.

2/24/2014 – Black History Month speech at the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the US Department of Education’s San Francisco office. The speech included a discussion of implicit bias. At a subsequent meeting between advocates for the rights of children and OCR attorneys, interest was expressed in training OCR attorneys to recognize the existence of implicit bias when investigating complaints filed on behalf of children.

12/3/2013 – From Trayvon Martin to Oscar Grant-Beyond the Bench panel. Beyond the Bench is an annual gathering of judges, prosecutors, police officers, public defenders, and juvenile probation officers. EJS was invited to talk about how implicit bias results in disproportionate numbers of Black and Latino children getting caught up in the criminal justice system. The panel was such a hit that the Administrative Office of the Courts in California presented a reprise of the panel in a statewide webinar for judges and other court personnel.

8/12/2013 – EJS filed an amicus brief on behalf of 13 of the nation’s leading social scientists in the United States Supreme Court in the case of Fisher v University of Texas. The brief dealt with the benefits of diversity for whites and students of color and documented the positive physiological effects attributable to desegregated educational environments.

8/9/2013 – EJS presented testimony before the American Bar Association’s hearings on Stand Your Ground laws that came as a response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. Stand Your Ground laws allow one to use deadly force if one feels threatened. EJS demonstrated that this will result in increased shootings of youth and people of color due to the fact that social science has demonstrated that the mere sight of a Black face causes many white people to feel threatened.

6/14/2012 – Harvard Law School-Implicit Bias Across the Law-EJS made a presentation on implicit bias

September 2009 – Writers Guild of America-West-Part of the way that stereotypes of racial groups are re-enforced is through the media. EJS convened a meeting with members of the Writers’ Guild of America-West in Los Angeles. A panel of social scientists, civil rights attorneys, and entertainment folks talked about ways that TV shows and movies might present more positive and realistic images of people of color. Famed TV writer and producer Norman Lear gave introductory remarks.

September 2003 – EJS held a conference on Colorblind Racism at Stanford. Panelist Michelle Alexander, who co-founded EJS and went on to write The New Jim Crow, spoke about unconscious bias AKA implicit bias.

Summer 2003 – National conference on Neuroscience and Civil Rights at DePaul University in Chicago. Civil right litigators and activists learned about neuroscience and its impact on racial attitudes and behaviors. Many of the lawyers were encountering these concepts for the first time.